SCALEXTRIC lovers are in for a treat this weekend when the town’s 10th swapmeet day, featuring hundreds of cars and tracks, takes over the Oasis Leisure Centre.

The annual event offers fans of the electric car racing game a chance to browse a wide selection of cars and tracks, spread across more than 60 stalls during a bring and buy styled event on Sunday.

Last year saw more than 400 visitors cram into the centre with people from across the country descending on Swindon for the unique sale. There will also be racing, advice and demonstrations of the super fast cars speeding around a 60ft long track.

Collector Robert Learmouth, of Priory Vale, is the organiser of the day. The father-of-two said he was thrilled the swapmeet will be able to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year.

“My brother first suggested putting on this event but I thought it would be too close to Christmas and no one would come,” said 45-year-old Robert. “But that seems to be the key to its success. Lots of people who have been given cars for their presents will come along and lots of other people have spare time over Christmas so they might get out their Scalextric again.”

He said rather than being for the real fanatics, this event was more for the masses. “There are quite a lot of events for the people who are really into scalextrics but this only makes up around 10 per cent of the market,” said Robert. “I wanted to run something which was more inclusive where everyone feels comfortable to come along.”

He said car prices can range anywhere from around £30 for standard one, to approximately £200 for the sacred James Bond vehicles to a staggering £2,000 for the holy grail of the scalextric’s world, a Bugatti – a 1920s to 1930s racing car.

“I’m over the moon we have reached ten years,” said Robert. “I was worried it wouldn’t get off the ground but last year we had at least 450 people coming along. We are hoping to top that this year as a new Hornby shop has opened at the Outlet and they have been doing a lot of promotion for us.”

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