Singer Rod Wheatley has raised £1,000 in just two weeks over the Christmas period for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Rod, who runs Grumpy Old Man Entertainment, staged fundraising gigs at various venues including Sainsbury’s in Stratton, Maplin electronics store, in Greenbridge, Blooms Garden Centre and House of Fraser over two weeks land has just totalled up the donations from member of the public, which reached £990.

Rod, 67, of Nythe, put the final £10 in himself and said he was delighted with the final amount.

He said: “It’s a great amount and people were very generous.

“We had plenty of nice comment and several people said the thought GOSH was a great charity and they had either been in their as children or had their son or daughter in there.

“It’s always been a charity I’ve raised money for because I love children and can’t think of them being hurt.

“GOSH is a world leading hospital and hopefully any money that goes into research could find a solution for some of the dreadful diseases they have to suffer.

“I like singing anyway and so I would do shows for a couple of hours, or more if it was busy and people were still giving money.

“I would sing anything from Robbie William to Bing Crosby and people seemed to like it.

“Over the last couple of years I’ve been raising money for GOSH and overall my total is about £2,000 now.”

Rod has sent out his thanks to his brother Eric Wheatley, 65, and friend Roger Hemns, 68, for their help with the fundraising gigs over the fortnight.