PRESSURE is mounting on Swindon mayor Nick Martin after several high-profile Westminster politicians condemned remarks he is alleged to have made.

Coun Martin (Con, Shaw) has been accused of insulting adults with learning disabilities at a meeting last year.

In an interview with BBC Wiltshire Radio this week the Local Government Minister, Eric Pickles, said the comments were unacceptable He also questioned the mayor’s conduct following the accusation, saying that a politician in a hole should not continue digging.

Last week the deputy leader of the Labour Party Harriet Harman visited Swindon saying the mayor should be someone people can look up to and, as Nick Martin had lost that respect, he should go.

Swindon Labour Group leader Coun Jim Grant (Lab, Rodbourne Cheney) said: “As we have both Eric Pickles and Harriet Harman agreeing the comments are unacceptable this indicates there is political consensus and the mayor’s position is untenable and I hope he pays heed to this.”

The mayor refused to comment on Eric Pickles’ interview. He is to face a standards hearing later in the year.