THE White Horse in Uffington is one of the most romantic spots in the country, according to dating website eHarmony.

The Oxfordshire beauty-spot is the second best place in the south east to go for a date according to eHarmony’s Great Date Guide.

The guide is a collection of dating ideas from around the UK in one place, and is compiled from recommendations from thousands of couples.

The Fox and Hounds, which is the only pub in the village of Uffington itself at the foot of the White Horse and also boasts unrivalled views of the Ridgeway, is one of the top places couples go to finish off their date at White Horse Hill.

Janet Kirk, whose partner Michael Cowry is landlord at the pub, said: “As somebody who walks up there a lot, I always see couples of all ages and some of them must be first dates.

“We’re quite a popular pub and have quite a few people come in for lunch and for evening meals. A lot of couples, whether on dates or in established relationships, come to us.

“I think it is a good place to go for a first date. People can walk and take their time and get to know each other. You can have private conversations but you are in a safe, public place.

“It’s also a very romantic spot. There’s lots of nice views and it’s a lovely, quiet part of Britain.”

One Swindon resident who enjoyed a date with his girlfriend at White Horse Hill, is Shane Wright, 24, of the town centre. He said: “It was a nice sunny day so I decided to take my girlfriend to White Horse Hill. I come from Shrivenham and I know the area quite well.

“It’s a lovely place to go because you are away from everything out in the open and it’s nice to just walk up there and look at all the views and relax.

“I think it’s a good idea but I wouldn’’t say it’s the most romantic place to take a girl though, there are plenty of other places you could go to in the area.”

Graham Banks, of Uffington Parish Council, was surprised to hear it was such a popular romantic spot.

He said: ”I’ve never heard of it as a romantic place. It’s emotional and special but I wouldn’t say romantic.

“It’s the highest point in Oxfordshire and the views are fantastic, and it’s a lovely place to go.

“There are lots of rumours about the eye of the White Horse being associated with wedlock and fertility but there isn’t any proof for that.”

The Bronze-Age White Horse can be seen for miles leaping across the head of a dramatic dry valley in the Ridgeway, and is only part of a number of ancient remains scattered across the chalk downland.

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