YOUNG Millie Garland has learned first hand that to get something done you should take it straight to the top.

The 11-year-old schoolgirl was at her grandmother’s house watching Channel Five news when she heard about the sentencing of Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who murdered Drummer Lee Rigby, of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, near the Royal Artillery Barracks on the streets of Woolwich, London, last summer.

The Haydon Wick Primary School pupil was so upset about the incident she decided to write to the Queen about having a special day of remembrance for Lee Rigby.

She said: “I was watching the telly and it came up about Lee Rigby and I was quite upset and angry about how long it was taking to get something done. I was just upset about the fact that his little boy won’t have a dad anymore, and I thought that something would be done so I decided to write to the Queen about it.”

On Saturday, Millie received her reply from Buckingham Palace.

Millie’s nan, Barbara Garland, who helped her granddaughter with the letter, said: “I really wasn’t expecting her to get a reply at all.

“I didn’t even read it because I just thought it would be dropped.

“The next thing I knew it had been folded up and put in an envelope.

“She was so excited when she rang me to tell me she had got a letter back.

“She is a very caring and compassionate little girl, about a lot of things.”

In the letter, the Queen thanked Millie for sharing her concerns and said that she would forward it to Prime Minister David Cameron, who would deal with whether to make a special day for Lee Rigby.

Millie’s mum, Lucy, 39, said: “We’re just so proud of her and to take something like that to heart and then to take it to the top. I just thought what a good idea.

“She was upset that anything like that could happen in this country.

“We weren’t expecting a reply so when it came it was such a surprise, we couldn’t believe it. It came in a really posh envelope and we had to find a special knife to open it because we didn’t want to damage it.”

Millie was so pleased with the response she got that she took it into school yesterday to show her friends.

She said: “My friends didn’t think that I would get a reply and they didn’t believe me when I showed them the letter.

“I do hope that something will be done and there will be a day but if there isn’t I won’t get upset, I will just accept it.”