SWINDON’s only gay club is to throw open its doors to the whole community after owner Matt Hearn decided there is no need to pigeon hole clubbers.

The Pink Rooms has been running in Regent Circus for eight years since Foxies lap dancing club vacated the spot, and was declared best gay nightclub in the south-west the following year.

But Matt, 37, who has been running the town centre club for two years, feels now is the right time to embrace all communities.

Significant steps in equal rights over the past year has made Matt believe gay people no longer need their own space in Swindon, and he is rebranding the club as the VIP Club Lounge.

“We do not need to label people,” he said.

“With the way everything is progressing forward, what with gay marriage and equal rights, I have felt for a long time that a gay venue is not necessary any more.

“I spoke to a lot of the gay community after I started having these thoughts and they were of the same opinion as me.”

Matt said business was ging well and was not a factor in his decision.

“Everything has been going really well and we have been going from strength to strength,” he added.

“This will open up a broader audience and a wider clientele.

“There will be brand new promotions, a new sound system and the whole club is being refurbished with a lounge area and cocktail bar upstairs.

“Everyone should be free to go where they want.

“I took over the running of the club two years ago, and as time has progressed I have realised this has been more acceptable from my staff and my customers.”

Matt is currently awaiting planning approval for the change of venue, and plans to completely revitalise the club within the space of a week.

“Everybody likes a bit of VIP treatment when they go out and that is what we will be offering,” he said. “We all like to feel a bit special when they go out for the night.

“We will have regular prices but with lots of new promotions. Everything is still in the planning process at the moment.

“We will be closing on March 22, when we will be holding our closing down party for the Pink Rooms. We then reopen for the launch party on 28 March.

“There will be a lot of sleepless nights and long hours to get everything ready, but we have put a lot of work in already and I am 100 per cent confident we will open on time. There has been a lot of organisation to get to this point.

“Nobody needs to be labelled or put into categories any more, everybody will be welcome.”