TEACHER Caryn Roberts was inspired to throw herself out of a plane for charity after hearing about the responsibilities some students have to live with.

The design and technology teacher at Isambard Community School is challenging herself to skydive over Redlands Airfield on May 24 for Swindon Young Carers after hearing about what some of the school’s students did to support their families at home.

The 25-year-old is raising money for the charity, which aims to support youngsters who care for their parents, siblings, or other adults they know with tailored activities, advice and support.

She said: “We have got a number of young carers at school and as teachers we don’t know unless we have to know whose a carer and who isn’t.

“I went on a course and I learned a little bit more about the young carers and the kind of things they have to do.

“I was quite naive growing up and I was lucky enough to have quite a stable childhood and I was shocked when I heard about what young carers have to do. “Not only do they have to do their homework and think about their lives and their futures but they also might have to take care of their mum or dad or one of their siblings, or look after younger siblings if their mum or dad is too ill.

“And then they have to look after themselves as well.

“They do everything that every other child does but they then they go home and do everything there too.

“I can’t imagine being able to do what they do and I’m an adult.

“Swindon Young Carers do all sorts of different things to try to support them. “They do respite care maybe over a weekend so the young carer can have a break and they arrange activities so young carers can go out in a group and meet other young carers, and they can go karting or go to Thorpe Park.”

Caryn hopes to raise at least £400 for Swindon Young Carers, but she is hoping for a lot more than that in order to provide young carers with the support they need.

She said: “I am trying to raise as much money as I can but for now I have set a target of £400.

“So far I have raised £290.”

To help her with the fundraising, she will also hold a fair at Isambard Community School from 5pm to 7pm on May 23.

To sponsor Caryn and help her raise the money for Swindon Young Carers go to www.virginmoneygiving.com\MissRoberts