FREE play is the name of the game at Hi5 children’s camp, which runs every school holiday to provide childcare for parents.

Based at the Haydon Centre, the camp is open to children between four and 12 years old and provides a range of activities throughout he day.

Helen Smith, camp leader at Hi5, said the take up for this holiday, running until Thursday, had been very strong.

“We have been going for the last 20 years, so quite a long time,” she said.

“Kids will come in and we do a themed craft activity each day.

“This week has been to do with the film Brave, because Disney is our theme for the whole year. Next week being Easter, we will have an Easter theme.

“They will have a bouncy castle and sports equipment each day, and we try to get in a trampolining session at least each week. We have got box games for dressing up and lots of other stuff they can play with throughout the day.

“Normally we have a minimum of two qualified staff on duty, which means we can have up to 20 children here at a time. If we are able to get a third member of staff we can take up to 30.

“It is going really well and we have been fully booked for most of the time. We have got a waiting list at the moment, but there are places available for the end of the week. It is advisable to book early.

“We usually open bookings up a week after half term has finished, and the next camp will be at May half term. We do it every single school holiday.”

Children can look forward to an action-packed day with a wide range of games and activities.

“Some children will come in for the early start,” said Helen. “They will have free play which goes on until about 9.30am, when we go into the sports hall to wait for all the rest of the children to arrive. We will then go through the golden rules, like fire safety and no bullying.

“We will play some games like dodgeball before getting into craft activities. We will then go back into the hall for the bouncy castle and various sports equipment where they have free choice. We might then have a two-hour trampolining session to ensure that all children have an equal go. They can then return for free play.

“We also have a smaller outside area where they can go to play outdoors as well.”

The camp runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm, with an early start available at 8.15am and a late finish until 5.45pm.

Prices range from £18.55 for a standard day with a Swindon Leisure card, to £42.75 for an extended day without.

A registration form must be completed before enrolment, and is available at Alternatively, contact the Haydon centre on 01793 706666.