CAMPAIGNERS took to the streets on Saturday to appeal for Swindon Council and the town’s businesses to pay their employees the living wage.

Different from the minimum wage, the living wage is the minimum income necessary for an average person to meet their basic needs. The minimum wage doesn’t necessarily cover those costs.

The members spoke to visitors to The Arcade shopping centre to raise awareness of their campaign.

Tom Wilkes, group member, said: “It was a very positive event and we are delighted as we didn’t meet anyone who was opposed to the living wage as I think they realise that it gets people into a respectable level of dignity allowing them to support their families.”

The group, which is part of the Equality Trust and launched a year ago, gave out leaflets and surveys to shoppers.

Tom said: “We are a pressure group and want to engage the public in all elements of inequality not just the living wage as we continue to grow in the future.”

Swindon Equality Group’s next meeting is taking place at St Luke’s Church Hall, in Broad Street, at 6pm on Thursday, May 15.