NON-emergency patient transport provider Arriva Transport Solutions has launched a survey to gather users’ feedback.

The questionnaire will be handed to all patients using the service.

“Feedback from our patients is vital,” said Ed Potter, of Arriva.

“We collect a lot of information from the devices used by our crews, including timings and distances.

“The information gained through the patient survey will give us a better understanding of how our patients feel when using our service and their patient experience.

Providing a caring, safe and reassuring environment is of the utmost importance to us as a business. We hope that we can learn from our patients’ experiences and improve the service we deliver.”

The results of the survey will help shape the future of non-emergency transport and provide Arriva Transport Solutions with additional information to improve the service based on the experiences of patients and what matters most to them.

Relatives, carers and NHS staff are also asked to complete the survey on behalf of patients in their care.