A survey of traffic on Kingsdown Road could lead to safety improvements, a councillor hopes.

Campaigners say the road, which links Kingsdown, with South Marston Industrial Estate is dangerous.

Last October, Chris Passmore, a cyclist of Beechcroft Road who uses the road daily, submitted a petition with more than 300 signatures calling for proper lighting and an extended cycle path.

He called on the support of Coun Tray (Lab, Penhill & Upper Stratton), who submitted his petition, and has now secured £500 for the survey which will record vehicles’, bicycles’ and pedestrians’ usage of the road.

“The road needs improving,” said Coun Tray. “It was never meant to be, but it’s a major road.

“Anyone from Stratton or North Swindon who needs to get to Highworth, Supermarine or Honda have to use that road as an access.

“It’s a main thoroughfare and it needs to be brought up to that standard to make it safe.

“I have not secured anything that big before, but if you don’t try and get surveys done or move things forward, you will never experience success.

“If local councillors want it, I can’t see why it can’t come through.”

When Swindon Council was asked about the possibility of linking the cycle path with Highworth Road, it said the plan was an aspiration.

And little ptogress has been made since the petition was submitted.

“As good as petitions are, it depends on the question of who you ask to sign it. We are grateful for people getting involved,” saidCoun Tray.

“The Cabinet understands there’s an interest in changing it down there.

“Now’s the time to start a new petition, not just for cyclists, but with improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

“The petition Chris submitted was a little premature. The momentum is building now and we need to work on that, but Chris’s petition will help.”

The survey, funded by money secured by Coun Tray will take place some time this month and he he hopes it will show the high volume of cars and bicycles that are using the road.

“We need evidence of what I’m saying because, otherwise I’m asking for actions from people who don’t use the road,” he said.

“It’s harder to dispute and you are more likely to achieve something with hard facts.”