PATIENTS cared for by community service Nurse Plus and Carer Plus (UK) in Swindon are now in safe hands according to the health watchdog – more than a year after staff were warned their poor record keeping was placing their charges at risk of harm.

Following an inspection from the Care Quality Commission in December, the health provider in Church Place was found seriously lacking when it came to adequately recording medications administered.

This was described by inspectors as a failure to protect the people in their care and posing a threat to their health.

Yet, after a new review of the service, which cares for people with a variety of conditions such as dementia, disabilities and drug addiction, in their own homes, the watchdog praised management for improving the recording system and training staff to keep track of medicines provided.

“During our inspection of Nurse Plus and Carer Plus (UK) Limited on 17 December 2013 we found that medication administration records had not been completed properly,” inspectors said.

“This meant that the provider had not protected people against the risks associated with the unsafe management of medicines by means of appropriate recording.

“We asked the provider to take action to improve the service and provide evidence that this had been done.

“A review of the evidence provided on 28 March 2014 demonstrated that the required action had been taken and the necessary improvement had been achieved.”

A new coordinator and supervisor were appointed to oversee the provision and medicine and ensure patients were safe at all times.

“We noted that a new care coordinator and field care supervisor had been appointed since our last inspection to ensure medicines were administered safely and appropriately audited,” inspectors added.

Meanwhile, Dean Park Care Home in Park Lane met all five standards expected of all healthcare organisation by the CQC following an inspection on February 28.