SWINDON Town’s assistant coach Luke Williams felt referee Steven Rushton was right to call off the scheduled visit of Crawley Town to the County Ground this afternoon.

Rushton postponed the game at 1pm due to a waterlogged pitch following heavy overnight rain and further poor weather throughout the day.

Williams accepted that the official had no choice but to cancel the match, saying: “Clearly it’s not playable. The ball won’t bounce or move true so it would have been a shambles. They (the referees) know what they’re doing and they’re determined to get a game on if it’s safe enough and if it’s going to be a realistic option. Today it wasn’t so fair play to the ref.

“If we’d have had any let-up from the rain we would have been on because the groundstaff are very good at getting all the surface water off the pitch and the pitch itself is well bedded in, but there was no break from the rain.

“We’re actually really pleased it didn’t get called off last night because you can imagine a lot of young men with enrvous energy getting ready for a game of football. If they get the call and nine o’clock saying the game’s off then all hell could have broken loose.”

No new date has yet been set for the match, with Williams saying: “Nothing has been planned yet. Obviously with the Johnstone’s Paint two games we’ve got a very busy schedule so we’re going to have to have a look at that and the FA will have a look as well.”