THERE are plenty of reasons for everyone associated with Swindon Robins to feel positive about 2014 according to promoters Alun Rossiter and Pete Toogood.

Salisbury businessman Toogood, a former owner of the club and BSPA chairman, has been brought in to look after the financial side of the club while Rossiter remains in charge of team affairs as the Robins bid to reach the Elite League play-offs for a third straight year.

On the track, two-time league winning boss Rossiter completed his team for the new season this week with the signing of Nicolai Klindt and, while there are still a few question marks surrounding the future of Nick Morris, is excited to have lined up a septet with an age averaging a fraction over 22 years old.

“Troy Batchelor is going to be the oldest rider in our team at 26 and for that reason I’m pretty excited about this side,” Rossiter said.

“When you look at things there’s an improvement there in all the riders and that’s the main thing really. I’m confident they’ll all improve.

“They’re all racers so it’s a pretty exciting team to think about.

“I’ve been left to it in terms of building the team, they’ve said that’s my department, but we’ve had to trim things a little which we’ve done. All in all it’s been good.

“There’s plenty to look forward to this year and it’s certainly going to be an exciting season.”

Toogood has so far enjoyed his return to speedway, having attended the sport’s AGM with Rossiter in November as well as the National League riders draft. The former owner is convinced the club’s fortunes will improve away from the track during 2014 after sponsors Excalibur and Pebley Beach had to put together a rescue package to allow the Robins to finish 2013.

“The club is here and running and, while it has been rather painful, the pain is almost gone now,” he said.

“The club is bound to be in a better place next year, that’s for sure. There is some credibility to get back and a few people disgruntled with what’s gone on, although the team has been successful.

“I’m keen on figures and the business side of things and I will leave the team to Alun, he’s the expert there, so I will stick to the costings.

“You have to bear in mind the club was in trouble last year and if it wasn’t for the team sponsors then maybe the club would not be here today, so Swindon are really lucky to have them around.”