CAST your mind back to May 1986. I know, a long time ago wasn't it ? An era of brick-like mobile phones and roll-up sleeves on jackets.

Just two days into that fledgling month, the Town won at Halifax Town. Notable for the fact that it set up a record points victory achieved three days later against Crewe. Heady days indeed.

It was also notable for one fan in particular. The game at the Shay was the last Swindon game that Rob Hartley missed. Yes, that's right. Nearly 30 years and 1,500 consecutive Town games. An amazing achievement which shows the loyalty that our football club receives.

During that time, of course, Rob has seen us move up and down the leagues like the proverbial fiddler’s elbow. Moments of joy and despair. Players of talent and some not. Times of riches and others of rags. One thing remains the same though, the desire to watch team in red and white play.

I remember one particular occasion where that desire came to the fore. Another supporter with well over 1,000 consecutive games under his belt, Marc Walters, usually drove a group of us to away games.

This time though, mechanical problems meant a slight change of plan. Could always give up and go home? No, a train north, another train, and then a taxi, got us to Huddersfield, our destination. The Town won and Rob and Marc's incredible run continued.

Football is about many things. Mainly though, its about the fans. Proud to know them, proud to share journeys and games with them. Its OUR game. Sometimes I think that's forgotten.