YASER Kasim is hoping that he isn’t a one-cap wonder after making his international debut last week.

The Swindon Town midfielder started for Iraq in their 3-1 Asia Cup qualifying victory over China in Dubai.

And having taste life of an international footballer, the 22-year-old is hoping for future calls as the world’s top nations look to warm-up for the World Cup in Brazil this summer.

“I played quite well and really enjoy it,” Kasim said. “Hopefully I can play more, when I touched back in London and I was speaking to the coach and thanked him for the opportunity and stuff like that.

“He said he would stay in touch, so we will see what happens in the future, they have got a couple of games coming up soon, against some good opposition which will be exciting.”

However, Kasim could have already been capped by his country earlier in his career, but the former Spurs youngster felt that it wasn’t quite right.

“The timing of things before wasn’t right and how things were organised,” he said.

“When I went out to train with them two years ago, I just didn’t feel confident in their competence.

“But this time they sorted the tickets out pretty quickly and I felt ‘you know what I need to go because we need to win this game to qualify for the Asia Cup’ and it was a good moment.”

The 14-hour round trip to the Emirates, as well as a gruelling game which ensured Iraq qualification to Asia Cup in Australia in 2015, did take it’s toll on the midfielder.

“After the game I realised just how tough it was,” Kasim said. “Everybody wanted to win, everybody needed to win and we put all our energy in to it.

“We had a lot of meetings out there about this game and the opposition.

“After the game I needed to sleep. I did for long time, I went to bed early when I got into the hotel.”