JAMIE Cox claims some of Britain’s top ranked boxers in his division are running scared of him.

Despite the Swindon boxer’s willingness to fight at either light-middleweight or middleweight, decent opponents have been difficult to find for Cox, who last fought back in June last year.

Cox is closing in on a three-fight deal which includes a shot at the British title but the southpaw believes his unblemished 17-fight record is giving potential opponents the excuse to dodge him.

“I just think that where I have been out for some time and I have a good record people are wary of me,” said Cox. “I’ve been around all the best boxers in the UK so they know what I am capable of, they know I’ll stay fit and healthy. I’m not saying I would win every fight but they see me as a dangerous opponent and a tough night’s work for them.

“It is just another process of waiting for one of these guys to agree to fight me.

“I just want to be involved in some exciting fights. I have never dodged anyone but I think I am just a little bit avoided because of my record. That is the hardest part. I just need to get a shot and then get a bit of clout or leverage and then I’ll be in the driving seat. At the moment I’m just the dark horse.”

A potential clash with British middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders fell through in November due to an injury to the Londoner while Cox also revealed one of the top four middleweights in the country recently refused to fight him.

“I just want to fight now because I’m in my mid-20s and just really want to push on,” added Cox. “I last fought in June and was supposed to be fighting Billy (Joe Saunders) but he said he hurt his hand. I don’t really believe that because I was in shape and he looked a bit out of shape in his interviews. I thought it was a big push for him and a big ask to fight me.

“He fought southpaw John Ryder and Nick Blackwell and they really pushed him hard. If they can push him then I know what I am capable of on the back of that.

“I was also meant to be fighting one of the top four middleweights in the country in Monte Carlo and it seemed to be it was all signed, sealed, delivered and done.

“It was down to the fighter and his training team if they wanted to fight or not and they refused the fight. Obviously they said it was too dangerous because they have got a big fight lined up worth £5million straight after with one of the leading middleweights in the world.

“I’ve just got to keep on top of it and hope that I get that break.”