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SPEEDWAY LIVE: King's Lynn Stars 48 Swindon Robins 42

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Andy Warren, Deputy sports editor, awarren@swindonadvertiser.co.uk, @AndyWarren_

King's Lynn Stars 48 Swindon Robins 42

  • KING’S LYNN STARS: Niels-Kristian Iversen (3-3-3-3-3) 15; Nicklas Porsing (0-3-1-3) 7; Rory Schlein (1-1-1-1) 4; Robert Lambert (0-0-0-2') 2+1; Scott Nicholls G (0-2'-2-2'-0) 6+2; Lewis Kerr (3-3-3-1-3) 13; Lewis Rose (R-FX-1) 1.
  • SWINDON ROBINS: Peter Kildemand (2-2'-3-FX-1') 8+2; Dakota North (1'-2-3-2) 8+1; Nick Morris (2'-1-2'-2) 7+2; Simon Gustafsson (0-2-0-1) 3; Troy Batchelor (3-3-0-1-2) 9; Nathan Greaves (1'-1'-F) 2+2; Steve Worrall (2-1'-2-R) 5+1.
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  • Comments

    longtermrobin 6:07pm Wed 14 May 14

    now I go everywhere following these guys, sadly not tonight but you got to say which ones will turn up, win or lose I will still be there every week tho ;-)

    Score: 0
    deano... 7:25pm Wed 14 May 14

    Id like to say an away win by 2 but i havent got that feeling tonight gustaffsson isnt performing and you only need 1 more in the top 5 not performing and were beat i hope grieves can pick up a few points very hard for the young lad though.i think premier speedway was more enjoyable at swindon than the elite league.

    Score: 0
    Di kanny oh 7:38pm Wed 14 May 14

    I feel we will get hammered tonight sorry to say KL reserves are far too strong and were against the best team in the league by a mile. Still good luck Robins I think your going to need it.

    Score: -1
    morris 1 8:44pm Wed 14 May 14

    Is Batch getting tired now ? needs to find more speed - team talk needed before it goes down the same path as Monday evening

    Score: 1
    jimmys lovechild 8:49pm Wed 14 May 14

    Feel another collapse and pointless night coming up

    Score: 0
    AndyT5393 9:21pm Wed 14 May 14

    Very evident the new race format flatters the strength of the robins team - yes a close score up until heat 10 or so but not many points scored from the last 4 or 5 races - highlights weakness with several riders - especially at reserve & with Gustaffson,".

    Score: 3
    morris 1 9:22pm Wed 14 May 14

    Rosco what a laughing stock we are - Nigel Green has just said it 'a replica of Monday evening' . We were 8 yes 8 points up what happened oh yes I know - that person called Gustafsson
    Well here's the answer to that - song from sound of music - that goes like this
    So long farewell you leave and we heave a sigh - goodbye goodbye goodbye
    Sort it out - we are better than this

    Score: 2
    swindonbob 9:37pm Wed 14 May 14

    Sadly have to agree with Morris 1. Gustafson is a liability. The young draft rider is way out of his depth too. I would have thought a losing point would be a good return from Kings Lynn but feel a win was there for the taking.

    Score: 0
    Di kanny oh 9:44pm Wed 14 May 14

    Massive problem for Roscoe is Simon Gustafsson who has been very poor this season and getting worse if that's a new engine then why is he getting beat by draft riders. Shocking collapse yet again by the team and even our top guys making mistakes. Wonder if we could get Buszkowski in from Peterborough. Greaves looked ok and will get better if given time but 16 is very young and feel this draft system should be in the premier league and not Elite which is a step too far I feel.

    Score: 3
    mancrobin 12:11am Thu 15 May 14

    In the big scene of things, isn't this a good result? Well done lads. A point away from home. With a bit of luck it could have been more and luck will even itself out over the season. I feel Roscoe's comments are a bit harsh. Time to put your arm around a few a them methinks.

    Score: 0

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