PHIL Williams is turning his back on white collar boxing to return to the amateur scene with the dream of one day turning professional.

The 28-year-old super-heavyweight feels that he has done all he can on the white collar scene in Swindon and is relishing turning out under rules once more.

With Paddy Fitzpatrick now guiding his career, Williams is looking to feature in his trainer’s end of season show this summer before looking at next year’s ABAs senior elite competition.

And if all goes to plan, and Fitzpatrick tells him he is ready, the west Swindonian would like to enter the paid ranks.

“I had fun doing the white collar stuff and won everything I can in Swindon,” said Williams, who used to box out of Penhill when he started out as an amateur.

“I’ve passed my medical now and I can’t wait to get started because I feel that it will bring the best out of me.

“I know that we are coming to the end of the season, but if I can get out before then it would be great.”

Although Williams’s ultimate goal is joining the paid ranks, he knows that he must not rush his progress.

“It has to be step by step, the target is the senior elite ABAs and there is also the under 10 fight championships which is nationally recognised as well,” added Williams, who won three and lost three in his first amateur stint.

“I feel that I’ve got a good jab, which is something that you need in the amateurs.

“I won 16 out of 17 fights on the white collar circuit, and I felt that one loss was debatable.”

If Williams makes a successful return to amateurs he says that he will wait for Fitzpatrick to decide if he is ready to take his career to the next step.

“Only Paddy will tell me if I’m ready to turn professional - nobody else,” Williams said.

“He knows the sport, he works with a lot of good people and if he says that I’m ready then that will be great.

“But at the moment it is all about focusing on my return to the amateurs.”