NEW British cruiserweight champion Ovill McKenzie has set his heart on fighting for a world title rather than facing Lawrence Bennett.

Swindon’s Bad Boy won his eliminator contest with Chris Keane to move him in line for a shot at the Lonsdale belt.

However, 34-year-old McKenzie, who knocked out Jon-Lewis Dickinson in the second round on Saturday night to add the belt to his Commonwealth strap, is now looking to move on to the next level.

“I want to go and fight abroad,” McKenzie told the Advertiser. “I’m looking at going to Germany and bringing a world title back home.”

With McKenzie targeting a shot at world honours next, Bennett is most likely going have to wait before he can get his opportunity to continue his stunning rise up the ranks.

The 31-year-old came into 2014 on the back of a disappointing four-round loss to Courtney Richards, but, since March, Bennett has won the Southern Area title before claiming success at the weekend in his eliminator contest.

And while McKenzie is looking beyond domestic level, the Jamaican-born fighter has not completely ruled out the meeting.

“To be honest, I fight who my managers put in front of me,” McKenzie said. “But I want to go abroad.

“It is the politics and the selling of the tickets that I’m not a big fan of so I’d rather fight abroad.”

Bennett, while waiting to discover whether he will get his chance to face McKenzie next, insists he will continue to improve.

“We are going to be back training and going to improve,” Bennett said. “I’m Southern Area champion, I’ve just won the British title eliminator, now tell me I can’t fight.

“I beat Jack Morris and he had 13 fights, I beat him (Keane) and he had 13 fights, I’ve only had seven, I’m not doing too bad.

“I’ve jumped in the rankings, thank you everyone for putting me out there.”