ARE you looking forward to Saturday and a football game? Yes? So am I.

It seems an age since the Town last played. Bad weather and an early FA Cup exit have combined to keep us waiting for the start of 2014. In that time we've observed the football world lose another of its true greats.

In 1966 when England ruled the game for the only time, they managed to overcome a Portuguese team in one of the greatest games of all time. As someone who watched on a grainy black and white TV, I loved that tournament.

It was a time of great social change and magical football, particularly from a wizard called Eusebio.

He single-handedly he broke North Korean hearts in one of the most dazzling individual performances the game has ever seen. Four goals turned possible quarter-final humiliation into a last-four place.

This made something which happened a few years later all the more special. You might remember the night - Wolverhampton on a miserable Tuesday for Town fans, with League Cup exit just one step from a return to Wembley.

At half-time, though, something so surreal happened that you wondered whether it was true. We were miles from the old grandstand and missed the announcement about the man parading around the pitch. When he reached us we realised. It was Eusebio.

To this day I've no idea why he was there but he was. If you were there that night you'll have seen one of the legends of the beautiful game.

Some years later I was asked if I wanted to interview a guest at the then Burma Castrol who was visiting the company's Swindon HQ.

Yes, it was the same Eusebio. I remember it as if it was yesterday just like the grainy images of the '66 World Cup.