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Marion Sauvebois

Marion Sauvebois LATEST

Sue simply relishes her farm shop

Swindon Advertiser: Lotmead Farm and Cafe for Menu. Pictured cook Sue Meaden. 08/07/15 Thomas Kelsey. (31438657)

5:38pm Friday 28th August 2015

She is behind the biggest expansion project of the last decade at Lotmead and the success of its cafe and gourmet shop and yet Sue Meaden remains an enigma.

Knocking class out of sport

Swindon Advertiser: Knocking class out of sport

3:32pm Thursday 27th August 2015

OVER the past century croquet has been given a bad rap. Snobbish and restricted to the upper classes, who play mallet in one hand, champagne flute in the other - this is unfortunately the widely accepted stereotype.

Coasting in to festival gig

Swindon Advertiser: Coasting in to festival gig

10:34am Thursday 27th August 2015

LIAM Willford, guitarist with indie rock band Coasts, says working on the set of Made In Chelsea was a really surreal experience, but playing at Reading Rock Festival is a dream come true.

War hero Simon Weston tells his story in Swindon

Swindon Advertiser: War hero of our times tells his story in Swindon

4:40pm Thursday 27th August 2015

"I would join the army again in a heartbeat,” declares Simon Weston, without a moment's hesitation.

Roll up! Quirky circus is in town

Swindon Advertiser: Roll up! Quirky circus is in town

5:40pm Thursday 27th August 2015

NELL Gifford ran away with the circus.

Knocking class out of sport

Swindon Advertiser:

11:00am Thursday 27th August 2015

OVER the past century croquet has been given a bad rap. Snobbish and restricted to the upper classes with mallet in one hand, champagne flute in the other – this is unfortunately the widely accepted stereotype.

Sassy and artful bundle of musical fun

Swindon Advertiser:

10:47am Wednesday 26th August 2015

SOMETIMES life is stranger than fiction.

My Maison's a fighter, says mum, after meningitis nightmare

Swindon Advertiser: Nicole Farmer and her 3 year old son Maison Mayall who she cares for after he was left with brain damage following a bout of meningitis. Pictured Nicole Farmer and Maison Mayall..09/06/15 Thomas Kelsey. (28498245)

4:20pm Tuesday 25th August 2015

WITH hindsight, Nicole Farmer knows she should have insisted on staying for further tests when her newborn son was rushed to hospital three years ago. She knows she should have trusted the mother’s instinct which told every fibre of her being something was deeply wrong with Maison.

Summer Youth Project's Hairspray is a real gas

Swindon Advertiser:

4:20pm Sunday 23rd August 2015

YOU HAVE to hand it to the Summer Youth Project – they go big or go home.

Name your poison at 1801

Swindon Advertiser:

8:58am Friday 21st August 2015

LEGEND has it Marie Laveau still haunts New Orleans’ French Quarter, hovering over the deserted thoroughfare under the cover of night in the guise of a menacing crow.

OMD and Human League set for Rewind Festival

Swindon Advertiser:

3:00pm Thursday 20th August 2015

REWIND South, the 80s festival is back to Henley for a seventh year this weekend with a line-up to rival all previous instalments.

Hairspray cast are on their best beehive-iour

Swindon Advertiser:

12:00pm Thursday 20th August 2015

THE Nicest Kids In Town are back with larger-than life performances, gravity-defying dos and scales-busting voices.

Acoustic folkies Dry the River to rock it up at Tadstock

Swindon Advertiser:

10:00am Thursday 20th August 2015

FROM the early jamming days in a cramped attic barely knee-high with a grasshopper to the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury, Scott Miller’s side gig took a serious turn six years when he fell in with Dry the River.

Craig Revel Horwood is not so nasty after all... but don't mess with him!

Swindon Advertiser:

8:51am Thursday 20th August 2015

MARION SAUVEBOIS braves a potentially ‘diaaaastrous’ chat with Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood

FAMILY DAYS OUT: Get a taste of summer at the Splashpad

Swindon Advertiser:

12:00pm Wednesday 19th August 2015

IT’s time to celebrate summer- with a splash.

'I hated reading, until dad brought home The Beano,' says best-selling author

Swindon Advertiser:

9:19am Wednesday 19th August 2015

MARION SAUVEBOIS meets Joffre White, the “reluctant reader” turned author, who is now spreading his love of the written word as Swindon’s first ever Patron of Reading and Writing

The Beano helped me learn to read, says author

Swindon Advertiser: Joffre White, Swindon Pattron of reading is doing a talk to year 7 students at Churchfields Academy about writing and reading. 
Pictured: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Praket. Joffre White and Megan talking about Joffre book.
27.11.14 Pic by Vicky Scipio (25427880)

5:40pm Wednesday 19th August 2015

MARION Sauvebois meets Joffre White, the “reluctant reader” turned author who is now spreading his love of the written word as Swindon's first ever Patron of Reading and Writing.

Pub crawl: The Plough at Badbury

Swindon Advertiser: Thomas Kelsey 23/07/14Food review at The Plough Inn at Badbury. GV (34943125)

4:49pm Friday 14th August 2015

The Plough Inn

Pappadams duo on the spice route to flavours

Swindon Advertiser:

9:35am Friday 14th August 2015

Leaving the sweeping shores of India’s Kerala MARION SAUVEBOIS talks to Robby and Rijo about their latest venture in Swindon, the restaurant PappadamS

Club emerges from the shadows

Swindon Advertiser: Club emerges from the shadows

5:21pm Thursday 13th August 2015

THEY were at the forefront of the UK beat-group boom and the first backing band to emerge as stars.

Newbury race fans will have an Abba good time!

Swindon Advertiser:

12:00pm Thursday 13th August 2015

NEWBURY Racecourse will be rocked by disco and old-school pop with Bjorn Again and Madness set to headline Party in the Paddock this summer.

Hairspray.... now that's a real gas

Swindon Advertiser:

9:00am Thursday 13th August 2015

WAKE up, rehearse, sleep, repeat – such is the glamorous life of the 165-strong cast of the Wyvern’s latest summer youth project, Hairspray.

The Freedog Urban Activity Centre

Swindon Advertiser: Freedog, a new trampoline centre has now opened at Kembrey Park. Pictured Bella in the trampoline foam area..17/07/15 Thomas Kelsey. (32402462)

4:40pm Wednesday 12th August 2015

IT MAY be August but the weather is still showing no sign of behaving, so why not take the fun indoors?

Swindon playwright wants to tackle negative image of the town

Swindon Advertiser: Award winning playwright Matt Fox who has created Swindon's Fringe festival Madam Renards Mini Fringe. Picture Stuart Harrison 17/4/15. (29535655)

2:20pm Wednesday 12th August 2015

S ince 2013, Matt has received a string of awards at home and abroad including a prize for one of his monologues from a theatre in Ohio. To Sleep, which premiered at the first Swindon Fringe Festival, has been performed in the West End and toured Australia earlier this year. Last month, Matt unveiled his latest work, Family Play.

Food for thought

Swindon Advertiser: Family feature on Julie Cushion who has ME..Pic - Julie Cushion.Date 12/6/15.Pic By Dave Cox. (28842905)

11:28am Friday 7th August 2015

Julie Cushion, 47, chairman of Swindon ME and Fibromyalgia Support Group

She’s smokin’! as a contender on BBQ Champ

Swindon Advertiser: Thomas Kelsey 23/05/14 
Feature on bunch of Swines BBQ. Pictured Emma Millest and Ed Gash with Rib of Beef with rarebit mushrooms, asparagus and vine tomatoes. (34169300)

5:30pm Friday 7th August 2015

UNFLAPPABLE under pressure, Emma Millest has breathed through the world’s most cut-throat barbecuing competitions. But the grill-off queen was not quite prepared for the gaggle of cameramen crowding around her ready to capture her sizzling efforts for a new ITV show.

Pub Crawl: The Plough, Highworth

Swindon Advertiser: Pub Crawl: The Plough, Highworth

5:10pm Friday 7th August 2015

Originally a beer house, The Plough was built in 1841 by private landlord Thomas Ackling on the Lechlade road at Highworth.

Roll-up Roll Up for some Big Top cuisine

Swindon Advertiser: (27472610)

4:10pm Friday 7th August 2015

MARION SAUVEBOIS meets Ollie Halas – a chef with a difference whose restaurant is not one of bricks and mortar but one serving tasty treats in a touring circus tent...

Wiltshire history society can help trace your family tree

Swindon Advertiser: (31773642)

5:40pm Thursday 6th August 2015

WHO do you think you are?

Summertime blues? Check out our guide to school holiday activities

Swindon Advertiser: Summertime blues? Check out our guide to school holiday activities

6:20pm Thursday 6th August 2015

From now until September 5

FAMILY DAY'S OUT: Off in search of Shaun

Swindon Advertiser:

3:30pm Wednesday 5th August 2015

From the Beatles-inspired Sgt. Shepherd to the bewigged judge Justice Lamb, not to mention a ‘yarn bombed’ incarnation covered with intricately weaved knitted flowers and frilly leg warmers, the artists certainly redoubled in ingenuity to surpass their forebears’ creative efforts with Shaun The Sheep; Trail

Little Lillie is a medical mystery, says her Swindon dad

Swindon Advertiser: Pic by Dave Cox 
Doctors still haven't been able to diagnose Lillie Christie's aged 4 condition,  she still has to have blood tansfusions every 5 weeks at a Oxford hospital.
left 2 right 
Pic -  Lillie Christie , Nicola Christie
Date 7/1/15 (26411924)

3:30pm Wednesday 5th August 2015

Their daughter’s illness has confounded specialists for nearly two years and each day raises fresh doubts about the likelihood of a diagnosis.

Get set, ready, style at Sue Ryder stores

Swindon Advertiser:

4:09pm Monday 3rd August 2015

GET set, ready, style – battle lines will be drawn at Sue Ryder stores across the region as fashion-forward shoppers go head to head to put together a winning outfit.

Food for thought - Caroline Peyton is quizzed by Marion Sauvebois

Swindon Advertiser: Pic by Dave Cox.Caroline Peyton is a nutritional therapist at the Wellbeing Centre, Old Town..left 2 right.Pic - Caroline Peyton , Marion Sauvebois.Date 28/1/15... (21472011)

4:27pm Friday 31st July 2015

MARION SAUVEBOIS questions Caroline Peyton, nutritional therapist, Old Town

PUB CRAWL: The Sun Inn

Swindon Advertiser: Stuart Harrison 19/8/13Chefs Table. Manager of the Sun Inn at Coate pictured with some food. (33327290)

4:20pm Friday 31st July 2015

Ideal watering hole for parents with young children

Sweet dreams are made of this...

Swindon Advertiser: Ann Sherwood is a home baker which she has as a small business..Pic - Ann Sherwood.Date 11/6/15.Pic By Dave Cox. (28724173)

4:30pm Friday 31st July 2015

THE gift of baking was not magically bestowed upon Ann Sherwood in the cradle by a sweet-toothed fairy godmother. It was nurtured over time, out of sheer necessity.

Slow burn better than fast sprint that is flash in a pan

Swindon Advertiser: Pilates teacher Gemma Bowen at the fitness and wellbeing centre at Wood Street , Old Town..left 2 right .Pic - Gemma Bowen ,Marion Sauvebois .Date 18/5/15.Pic By Dave Cox. (29726141)

4:20pm Thursday 30th July 2015

“YOU can go at your own pace.”

Roll up for theatrical treats this summer

Swindon Advertiser: THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME UK Tour 2014/2015 (29921952)

5:40pm Thursday 30th July 2015

BECAUSE a little culture never hurt, Marion Sauvebois takes a look at the best shows around as theatres unveil their summer season offerings.

A curious training regime

Swindon Advertiser: The Curious Incident of the Night-TimeUK Tour (28783463)

5:30pm Thursday 30th July 2015

“THERE was boxing, skipping, running, sit ups and press ups and weight lifting,” intones Joshua Jenkins.

Riveting and deliciously dark stories of extraordinary people

Swindon Advertiser:

10:48am Wednesday 29th July 2015

THE PROSPECT of being talked at for near on two hours in a triptych of monologues can test the zeal of even the most seasoned theatregoer.

Chinese acrobats are set to wow visitors

Swindon Advertiser: Chinese acrobats are set to wow visitors

3:20pm Wednesday 29th July 2015

EXOTIC creatures have pirouetted their way into Longleat promising to give the zoo’s wild animals a run for their money in the thrills stakes.

Darra’s fight for life

Swindon Advertiser: Little Darra willnot live until her first birthday after being diagnosed with ventricular septal defect. Pictured Darra Roberts.
10/07/15 Thomas Kelsey (31750567)

4:10pm Wednesday 29th July 2015

Mum Aisling Roberts tells MARION SAUVEBOIS about her young daughter Darra’s fight for life

'My fate was written in the stars' - Dee Dee Wilde on Pan's People, Top of the Pops and working with Jimmy Savile

Swindon Advertiser:

9:00am Monday 27th July 2015

SHE made television history bringing sass to Top of the Pops in risqué dance routines with Pan’s People. And nearly 40 years on, Dee Dee Wilde is still dancing. She tells MARION SAUVEBOIS why she can’t turn her back on her destiny.

Ross Noble produces perfect insanity in new comedy

Swindon Advertiser: (27505875)

6:47am Saturday 25th July 2015

Ross Noble talks to MARION SAUVEBOIS about his role in The Producers

Now, share nicely children

Swindon Advertiser: Feature on new head chef at the Kings Head, Cirencester. Pictured Dave Watts.
20/05/15 Thomas Kelsey (29904194)

5:21pm Friday 24th July 2015

THE ROMANCE is well and truly dead when a man stoops to using his menu as a rampart to shield his chips from wanton pilfering at the fair hand of his dearly beloved.

PUB CRAWL: The Steam Railway

Swindon Advertiser: Steam Railway pub in Newport street , Old Town has two new managers Paul Saunders & Emma Saunders..left 2 right .Pic - Paul Saunders, Emma Saunders.Date 9/7/15.Pic By Dave Cox. (31540660)

5:00pm Friday 24th July 2015

Steam Railway Co

Try a delicious slice of theatre at the deli

Swindon Advertiser: Made by Bob, feature, Cirencester. Pictured James "Bob" Parkinson tarts.
23/06/15 Thomas Kelsey (29833753)

2:57pm Friday 24th July 2015

As Made By Bob celebrates its sixth anniversary, Marion Sauvebois meets the man behind one of the most sough-after delicatessens in the region, award-winning chef Bob Parkinson.

All aboard to crew a sailing ship

Swindon Advertiser: Alan Fisher (31458965)

2:40pm Thursday 23rd July 2015

IN the late 1970s ago a small but indomitable team set out to change the face of sailing, breaking down barriers and opening up the sport to those with disabilities.

Hands are quicker than the eye

Swindon Advertiser: Hands are quicker than the eye

2:40pm Thursday 23rd July 2015

FOR more than a decade Michael Otton has left crowds dumbfounded, scratching their head for answers and disbelieving their own eyes.

Twenty Twelve actor Karl Theobald talks Olympics, Alan Bennett and ‘falling into’ acting

Swindon Advertiser: Theatre Royal Bath July 2015
Talking Heads by Alan Bennett  Directed by Sarah Esdaile
A Chip in the Sugar  Karl Theobald as Graham Whittaker
nobby@nobbyclark.co.uk (31783613)

12:40pm Friday 24th July 2015

FAILING his way through the entire syllabus, Karl Theobald had exhausted nearly all possible subjects to plumb the depths of, when he mercifully discovered drama.

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