The Focus On Wellness Centre on the corner of Station Approach & Newport Street has a brand new Weight Loss Challenge starting on Monday 30th April, where participants not only lose weight, they have the chance to walk away with a cash prize too!

Weight Loss Challenges are 12 week nutrition courses designed to give anyone the knowledge and support they need to achieve safe, long term weight loss.

The course is run as a competition, with all participants paying into a prize fund. At the end of the challenge, the three participants who have lost the highest percenatage of weight win cash prizes.

Even though each challenge is packed full of information, they are fun with weekly quizzes and mini-challenges.

The challenge is run by Herbalife Independent Distributors Claire & Graham Smedley who themselves have lost over 50lbs and now, having maintained a healthy active lifestyle for the last 10 years pass that knowledge on to help others achieve their own weight loss and wellness goals.

If you would like more information call 01793 644582 or visit Based on information supplied by Claire Smedley.