Who remebers Penhill Paddling Pool in its hey day!

I have many a fond memory of my visits there as a young child.

My mum used to walk us there from Pinehurst, there were five children in my family and we didn't get many holidays, but we loved going to the paddling pool for the day complete with picnic.

We used to sit under the big weeping willow tree if we could get a spot there.

I remember going there in the scorching hot summer of 1976 I think it was. I was about 10 at the time.

It used to be the heart of the community in the summer. People would come from Pinehurst, Gorsehill and Moredon to visit the Paddling Pool.

There was a cafe where we could get an ice-cream, and the big shelter, there was also the play park with sand pit. We would spend the whole day flitting from the park to the pool.

Its such a shame its gone.

Those were the days when families used to go out together, brothers, sisters, mums, dads and grandparents.

I would love to see the Paddling Pool area reinstated as a splash park.

What do people think ?

What would you want to see there, paddling pool or splash park ?

Tell us your ideas.