We are fund raising to get a Splash Park put back on to Seven Fields so children can have fun on what at the moment is an empty field.

This isn't going to happen over night! But we are going to raise this money by hook or by crook! If you can help us in any way or even if you're just interested in whats going on then please get in touch!

We meet every 2nd Tuesday in the Community Room, Deers Leap, Penhill at 6pm. Please come along and see how we're doing and give us your input as to what you want. CHILDREN ARE WELCOME!! The Community Room doesn't serve any drinks so children can come in and we welcome them. After all this park is for the kids so we need their input!


Tuesday 19th October at 6pm at Community Room, Deers Leap, Penhill Drive.

For more information please visit http://www.sevenfieldssplashpark.org/