With Joel’s arrival back to the team, Swindon are raring to get the puck in the back of the net.

The Swindon Wildcats took home a gobsmacking win against the Romford Raiders.

On Saturday, 4th October, 2008, the Swindon Wildcats took on the Romford Raiders for a home game at the Link Center.

The rink was absolutely packed after the news of Joel coming back to Swindon had spread like wild fire. The Swindon supporters were really excited to find out the result as many expected it to be a really good game. All the fans were cheering and chanting for their team to do well. Amoungst the crowds all the spirits were lifted and the drums were banging louder than usual.

The Wildcats were energetic and testing Ambler, Romford’s goalie, but all attempts fell short. Romford’s Michael Timms opened the game with the first goal of the night at 10.35. However, Joel Petkoff quickly evened the score to 1-1 for the Swindon Wildcats at 11.05. The crowd were ecstatic. Swindon defended well throughout the first period. Watt and Wheaton both had a crack on goal, but both tries were wide of the goal. The Swindon crowd were thrilled when Joel got the puck past Carl Ambler, at 18.45 whick took Swindon into the lead. The crowd went wild. The Wildcat fans where cheering and chanting ‘Goal!’ Swindon dominated all throughout the 1st period, keeping Romford’s goalie very busy.

As the second period began, hopes were high for Swindon to bring home a win. The whole of Swindons team were trying to score, however shots from Sitko and Long unfortunately going wide. Danny Marshall and Dan Wright both had shots on goal but their chances of scoring were denied by Kudrna.

At 37.36, Nicky Watt was sent off for the Wildcats for slashing. The job was now getting tough for Swindon’s defence to keep out the fiesty Romford Raiders, which finally sucumbed when Darran Cotton got a goal at 38.02 to equalise. The Swindon fans quickly got behind the team cheering and chanting, which must of worked when Joel burst through to score his hartick and left Swindon in the lead at 39.50.

Less than a minute into the third period, John Sitko lengthed the lead further, with a blistering goal leaving Carl Ambler on his back. Scott Mckenzie for Romford had a try at goal but was absolutely gutted that Kurdna blocked his shot.

After many efforts from Romford, it finally paid off for Marshall when he scored a goal at 43.05. Mark Stewart also had an attempt on net, but another outstanding save from Kudrna, blocked his only chance of pulling one back.

48.26 Swindon extended their scoring streak, when Nicky Watt had a lovely break away goal which was assisted by Aaron Nell. The Swindon fans were in disagreement when referee Belanger awarded Romford a penalty shot, for the Swindon goal being knocked over. Many fans were rooting for Kudrna to stop the goal, which he did. Kudrna blocked further shots to leave the final result of the game at Swindon 5, Romford 3.

It was a very thrilling game, with tension running high. But Swindon on the night proved the better side.


Shots on goal:
Swindon – 35
Romford – 52

Swindon – 18
Romford – 10

Swindon – Joel Petkoff
Romford – Dan Wright

By Laura Smith, 15