Swindon Hockey Club has had some changes over the years but it looks like it’s settled for good.

Two years ago the club moved from Greendown School to the flash new Astroturf at Isambard School in North Swindon. These new facilities are enabling the club to grow to a substantial size and currently are running a men’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th team with a badger’s team as well.

The badger’s league introduces young players into adult hockey and the team is made up of children 16 and under and adults over 35. The women’s hockey team like the men’s is split into 1st, 2nd 3rd and the 4ths teams.

The children’s teams are under 11`s and under 13`s who did very well last hockey season.

The coaches of the club make the sport fun and exciting and differentiate the training sessions making each week more exciting than the last.

Swindon Hockey Club is one of the largest hockey clubs in all of Wiltshire and has close contacts with north wilts hockey club.

Not only is the club very keen and enthusiastic about hockey but also on its social scene, there is a strong sense of companionship and loyalty to fellow members. There are many gatherings and events which are arranged by the Swindon hockey members.

Training sessions are all on Wednesday evening with the junior sessions from 5 to 7 and adult training from 7 to 10. Swindon hockey’s kit colours is bright orange and have recently at the start of this season redesigned their kit and it looks very professional and well made.

This new hockey season which is just getting started now looks very promising for Swindon in all teams as there are many upcoming talented players. Swindon hockey club has an active and easy to use website which has many details, photos and other information on. If you’re a keen sports man or women, hockey is a sport you should definitely consider as it is for all ages and sizes. Swindon offers the perfect place to learn all there is about hockey and make some good friends along the way.

By William Deamer, 15, Farmors School, Fairford