Hopes are high for the Commonwealth Games 4x100 freestyle silver medallist Grant Turner, as he aims to go as far as the Olympics.

Grant, 21, who won a silver medal for swimming at the Delhi games last month, lives in Loughborough.

He trains 10 times a week in the pool and goes to the gym three times a week.

He’s actually originally from Shaw Ridge in Swindon.

After a recent chat with Grant, he told us: “My mum is very excited. She’s loving it. I’ve had such a brilliant reception from my home town, it’s great to have people stopping in the street just to say congratulations.”

Grant began his swimming sensation here in Swindon, at the Link Centre, part of a young children’s swimming group called Tiger Sharks which he was involved in for 16 years.

During a recent visit to the centre, Grant caught up with some of his old trainers, Philip Miller and Caroline Roberts, and had a chat with them.

Grant said: “It was really nice to catch up with my old trainers. They were great coaches at Tiger Sharks, and really inspired me.

“When I took swimming lessons, I grew fonder of the sport, and now I really enjoy what I’m doing.”

Unfortunately, Grant’s family were advised to stay at home during his time in Delhi, due to media hype and security issues.

His family, however, were still very supportive and watched him on television.

However, Grant was gutted they couldn’t make it – but he made sure they were watching on TV.

Grant said: “When I stood on the level, and received my award, it felt great, especially when the flag went up, I then really felt amazing.

“With the interviews afterwards, it was a great day.”

Gemma Turner, 26, Grant’s sister, was very supportive of him during his training in preparation for the Games. And Grant’s parents, Anita and Roger, were also with their son 100 per cent of the way.

As a boy, Grant attended Brookfield Primary School, and as he grew up, he went to Bradon Forest.

During his school years, Tiger Sharks was something he enjoyed a lot.

Grant’s really setting his hopes high, and is starting training around Christmas time for two weeks, as he wants to try for the World Championships in Shanghai in March.

Grant also wants to compete in the Olympics.

He said: “It’s a lot of training, but if I get there, it will be worth it.”

Grant wants people to see the sport he’s doing and recognise it as a sport that’s worth taking part in. Tiger Sharks is where he began, maybe that’s where you can begin.

Grant would like to remind everyone he has a lot of time for his fans, and would like them to follow him on Twitter – www.twitter.com/MrGrantTurner

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