ON Thursday, 12th May, students from Drove, Lainesmead, Lawn and Oaktree Primary Schools visited Churchfields Secondary for an inter-school sports afternoon.

The schools arrived early afternoon, buzzing with excitment in anticipation for the rest of their visit.

Churchfield's sports co-ordinator, Polly Long, addressed the children and sent them off on planned activities where they would spend 10 minutes working with the help of Churchfield's GCSE PE students.

The primary students did not know what sports they would be trying, and were delighted to discover they would be enjoying activities they do not necessarily have the resources for in their own schools.

Long-jump and relay were among the favourites, also a softer cricket ball was used for a lighter version of shot-put.

The children were excited to be able to talk to our reporter and have their photo taken for the paper.

Alexandra, aged 9, from Lawn Primary, told our reporter that her class had been very excited about coming, and that trying out the new sports was good.

She also said "I enjoy the running the most."

It was delighting to see the kids enjoying themselves and how well the secondary students looked after them.

The afternoon proved very successful, despite a bit of rain.

Swindon Advertiser: Blob By Katie Draper, 15, Sheldon School