A REWIND reader is sending a message to the group of young women who were pictured together 68 years ago.

Sheila Little, 83, of Blunsdon Abbey, would like to gather as many of her old netball team friends as possible for a reunion.

A tiny black and white image kept since it was taken and printed in 1949, is a precious souvenir of Mrs Little’s early working life with one of Swindon’s best known firms.

Morse’s department store stood at the Regent Street location now occupied by WH Smith, not far from a fondly-remembered cinema, the Arcadia.

Like many prominent businesses at the time, it encouraged workers to form sports teams.

“The photo is of Morse’s netball team,” said Mrs Little, “and we were all 15 years old. We were the workers in the offices.

“I was a member from 1949 and I joined just after Easter, so it’s got to be in the summer.

“I worked there until I was 17 – about two years I was there.”

The Morse’s team played matches against sides from other companies including Anstiss, Garrard and Wills.

The players shown in the back row in the picture are, from left Pam Turner, Sheila (nee Ward), Jean Clark and Irene Neal. Morse Sports and Social Club leader Jean Chaplain is to the right.

On the bottom row are, from left, Pat Raymond, team captain Jean Hibbard and Hilary Childs.

After leaving Morse’s Mrs Little worked for a number of well-known local employers, including a year with McIlroys department store and a stint in the cashiers’ department of the Savoy Cinema.

Mrs Little would love to hear from anybody in the photograph.

Contact can be made via bhudson@swindonadvertiser.co.uk