A recent British Social Attitudes survey, carried out by NatCen, has discovered that the majority of UK residents are now in favour of building affordable homes.

The 2016 survey has reported that 57 per cent of adults are now in favour of housebuilding – that is in effect a doubling of the 29 per cent who shared similar attitudes in 2010. Around 70 per cent of over 55s support the housebuilding programme, and around 73 per cent felt the government should intervene and give financial assistance to those on low incomes.

David Orr, Chief Executive of The National Housing Federation said: “We are entering the age of the ‘yimby’. More and more of us are saying "yes, in my back yard". This shift is not limited to one group; it has taken place in our cities and countryside, across political allegiances and all age groups, as home owning parents watch their adult children struggle. Today the housing crisis is everyone’s problem.

“We are no longer a nation of nimbys but some in Westminster have yet to grasp this. The public are clear: we need to build affordable homes all over the country. The upcoming White Paper is an opportunity to set a bold new course, one in tune with the public.”