FAMILIES in Wiltshire are being urged to get their house in order now to prevent problems with pests this summer. The dust and dirt that might have accumulated in the darkest recesses of any home over the winter months can support an entire eco-system of bugs.

Dee Ward-Thompson, of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), said: “Spring is a time when temperatures begin to rise and nature starts to wake up. Insects will emerge to build nests and forage for food and, left unchecked, their presence can turn from a minor nuisance [now] to a major problem in summer.“

Simple tips for a pest-free home…

Mind the gap: Pests can and do gain access to your home through the smallest of space so seal up any external gaps, holes or crevices that could provide a way in.

Deep clean: Areas with food, water and dark spaces are ideal for pests. Cleanse pantries, cupboards and wardrobes thoroughly and air out clothes that have not been used for a while.

Trim and tidy: Clean all surfaces thoroughly to remove any food residue and don’t leave food lying around overnight. Never leave dirty dishes or utensils in the sink, keep loose or dry food in air-tight containers.

Suck it and see: Vacuum carpets regularly and thoroughly to make rooms less attractive to pests.

Great outdoors: Get rid of any standing water outside and keep vegetation around buildings short and tidy. Piles of scrap wood, gathered leaves or other clutter should be kept to a minimum.

To find out more, see the BPCA website at www.bpca.org.uk