Local estate agent, Ben Clinch, Director of Kingston's in Trowbridge shares his thoughts on keeping your local open - and protecting the value of your home!

Ben says: "After reading the sad news that The Kings Arms at Monkton Farleigh had closed its doors, I felt inspired to reach out to residents living in rural areas and villages with pubs. Remember your pub is for life not just at Christmas!

"Sadly, more and more villages across the country have lost essential services and amenities including schools, shops, post offices and pubs. Less buyers expect shops in villages these days with the growth of online grocery shopping, but if you’re luckily enough to have a village shop then it is of course more important than ever to support these businesses. An increasing number of buyers looking at investing and living in rural areas are hoping for a pub as part of their search criteria.

"Two of my own close friends moved into villages where the pubs closed within weeks of moving in. They experienced great isolation, as like many people, they were working 8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. This made it much more difficult to meet fellow villagers and be part of the community they hoped to buy into when purchasing their homes. Fortunately for them, both their pubs found new landlords and quickly reopened, which made an enormous difference to their experience of village life.

"The pub is an integral part of the village community and there is a case to suggest those who don't support it are potentially missing out making new friends, but are also in danger of affecting the saleability of their home and its future value. I have been an agent for nearly 20 years and have found it is much easier to sell a house near a village pub. Villages without pubs struggle to achieve the premiums of neighbouring villages with one.

"When The Three Daggers at Edington re-opened its doors it brought new life to Edington and added instant value, appeal and saleability to properties within this lovely village. Of course, not everyone wants to socialise in a pub and some don't enjoy a pint of best. However, every penny counts to keeping these pubs open and communities together.

"One of my friends I referred to earlier is a mortgage broker. By getting to know the landlords of his local pub he arranged three mortgages for them and they in turn recommended his services to nine of their friends and customers! Think, every time you visit your local pub, it is an indirect investment and a fantastic place to network. If the pub remains open you are helping to shore up your home and potentially your greatest asset’s future value. I understand visiting the pub doesn't appeal to all, maybe you don't drink or the expense is off putting? Pop down for a lemonade, you could even have a night off cooking and you never know you may even make new friends and earn some money!"