Finding the perfect new home in Swindon is easier for members of the region’s armed forces - thanks to a special scheme from Barratt Homes.

As Armed Forces Day approaches (Saturday June 24), the five star housebuilder is highlighting its Armed Forces Deposit Contribution Scheme which offers anyone who serves in the Army, Navy or RAF thousands of pounds off the cost of a property.

“We are proud of the homes we offer here in Swindon - and we are equally as proud of our armed forces,” said sales director Andrea Pilgrim. “So we are thrilled to offer military service men and women a special deal when they buy one of our homes.

“The discount also applies to anyone set to retire from the forces this year - and they will remain eligible for up to 12 months from the date they retire.”

Eligible buyers will receive a £500 discount for every £25,000 on the cost of the property up to a maximum contribution of £5,000.

“As a company, we are keen to help many people who serve in the Armed Forces move into a great new home in or around Swindon,” added Andrea.

“Our team at Barratt is strongly supportive of the work our troops do in unimaginably hostile war zones. In our own very small way, we hope that this offer shows that we’re backing our words with actions.”

Barratt offers a range of homes for a range of different lifestyles at its developments in Swindon.

For more information about Barratt’s Armed Forces Deposit Contribution Scheme, please call 0844 5710 385 or visit