IN a month, I have lost the equivalent weight of my brother’s four-month-old puppy.

I can hardly believe it when I pick her up, that I was actually carrying that much around with me, all the time. I have a new level of respect for my former self. No wonder it was so difficult to climb stairs!

But I’ve still another stone and a half to shift before the end of August, and at the start of the first week of the second month, the scales haven’t shifted since last Wednesday.

I haven’t quite hit panic stations, but I have been trying to persuade myself to do as much exercise as I can.

That’s why, when I did Saturday night’s Starlight Walk the other night, I was determined to complete the 15km. And the next day I took on the Dragon Boat Race at Coate Water, all as part of my challenges for the 160 Appeal for Prospect Hospice.

In my trainer Ronny Terry’s mind the start of a new month also meant an early evening trip to the Town Gardens, where he made me run up steps and do sprints. Let’s just say I was clearly not designed to run away from dinosaurs.

I’m also continuing with yoga and doing a gym session each week on top of my training session with Ronny, plus running 60 seconds every five minutes as part of my daily walk.

Surely, surely, all of this will be what I need to tip the scales back on track?

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