CAMELS are coming to Buscot Park this Sunday to raise money for a charity which protects a critically-endangered species of the animal.

The Wild Camel Protection Foundation will hold the Camel and Mongolian Day in the grounds of the country house near Faringdon from 2pm to 5pm.

Visitors can enjoy the unusual sight of the desert animals wandering around the park and go on a camel ride, try a camel milk ice cream, see Teresa the Camel perform camel dressage, or watch the lifelike camel puppet made by the creators of the horse puppet from the acclaimed play War Horse.

Attendees can also immerse themselves in Mongolian culture with a range of fun activities on offer at the event.

Listen to Mongolian music, watch Mongolian wrestling and archery, take part in a tug-of-war, visit craft and food stalls, meet Mongolians in their national dress, and step inside a typical Mongolian home known as a ger.

Explorer and conservationist John Hare, who founded the Wild Camels Protection Foundation will be there too.

The critically-endangered wild two-humped camel is usually found in the Gobi Desert which straddles Mongolia and China, living in extreme temperatures which range from -45 degrees to +45 degrees Celsius and even roam through China's old nuclear testing sites as they are immune to the effects of radiation.

Gates open at 12pm, two hours before the event kicks off.

Parking in the car park costs £15 per car.

All money raised goes towards the Wild Camels Protection Foundation.

For information about the day contact Emma Buchanan on 01235 868550 or visit

For information about the Wild Camel Protection Foundation, contact John Hare on 01580 241132 or visit