SWINDON’S most famous dominatrix returned to our screens when she made a second visit to the First Dates Restaurant in her continuing quest for true love.

Mum of three Sherry, 65, makes a living dominating and humiliating men – which might include making them do the housework or having them pretend to be a puppy, feeding out of a bowl and crawling into a cage.

But no contact is allowed - the only part of Sherry her ‘slaves’ can touch is her feet.

She first appeared on the Channel 4 show in July when she dined with 67-year-old chartered surveyor John.

But when she explained her profession, he could not stop laughing and Sherry decided she did not want to see him again.

Now Sherry, who has lived in Swindon for about 40 years, has appeared on the show a second time – with better results.

“My second date at First Dates was very enjoyable,” she tells us.

“Dave is a lovely and genuine guy. We met a couple of times for lunch but we both decided that we make very good friends.”

She said people generally responded very positively when she told them what she did for a living.

“How did I get involved in my job? I didn’t set out to become a dominatrix," she says.

"My ex-husband left me just before I was 60 years old - it was a complete shock.

"Not only did I have the emotional distress but also the knowledge that he left me up to my eyes in debt. Consequently, although I was working, I knew I had to find a way to earn more. Income support or whatever other handouts just wasn’t an option. I was determined to stay independent.

“I happened to watch a documentary about phone sex on Channel 4. I decided to give it a go. I started working for a company and it didn’t take long for me to realise that most calls were about domination.

"I had a flair for it and before long guys were asking to book sessions with me. I made absolutely sure I had my children’s support and then took the plunge.”

She says: “The surprising part is that my slaves trust me implicitly and quite often confide in me about problems in their lives.

"They come to me with different kinks - some want to be sissy maids, which I love; others, slaves, like to be punished, humiliated, dominated. I have foot worshippers - that’s the only part of my body they are ever permitted to touch.

"I have naughty adult school boys. Some will sit at the school desk and write lines, always ending with a good caning.

“I get beautiful gifts bought for me - I love the adoration, the worship.

“It has done so much for my confidence. My ex-husband loved to humiliate me, and he was a verbal bully but now I hold all the cards. Yes, I love my job without a doubt.”

Sherry has yet to find her true love, however.

“It would have to be someone who accepts what I do, but I am content,” she says.

And what does she like about Swindon?

“I have lived in Swindon for about 40 years. It’s my home and it’s like a comfortable slipper,” she says.

“I am always happy to go away but more than happy to come home. I love the Weighbridge - my favourite restaurant - and I often get a slave to take me there for lunch.”

In her spare time Sherry loves writing and says she is working on a book. She also writes a blog - sofiasdilemmas.com.

“I have quite a few followers. It’s funny, erotic, cruel, sensual and it’s me," she says.

“My absolute aspiration would be to see it on the screen. I even have thoughts of who would play me: Alison Steadman - well, we all have our dreams.”

First Dates is on Mondays at 10pm on Channel 4.