Alix Young, 29, hotel manager at the Pear Tree in Purton, tells us about her life with food

Do you cook a lot yourself? What is your failsafe dish?

I love cooking. It may seem a bit odd after watching people eat all day but it’s my favourite way to relax. My failsafe dish has to be a chicken jambalaya, using up all the leftovers in the fridge and making something hot and spicy.

Where do you like to eat out? How often?

If I could eat out every day I would. Sadly though, I’m normally working when people are eating! For lunch, you can’t beat Egg-e-licious in the tented market for both food and friendly service. I normally go to The Maharajah in Purton for a tasty and walkable evening treat but my absolute favourite place to eat is Los Gatos tapas bar in Wood Street.

What do you always hope to find on a menu? For starter? Main course? Dessert?

For a starter I love a sharing platter, something tapas-esque or Mediterranean to just dive into. With mains I always spot the pork belly if it's on there – I had it for my wedding meal and, as a proper Wiltshire girl, it’s my favourite dish! Desserts have to be something with meringue and/or chocolate although I am always partial to the sticky toffee pudding on the menu at the Red Lion in Cricklade.

Which foods did you hate as a child? Do you eat them now?

I hate sweetcorn. I’ve always hated it, especially after my parents took me to a sweetcorn farm as a child.

What’s your favourite drink? Alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

I probably should say the wine that’s named after me, but my favourite alcoholic drink has to be a gin & tonic, preferably a Bloom & Fever Tree which is served with strawberries. Non-alcoholic drink would probably be passionfruit juice, which has such an amazing flavour.

Marmite: yes or no?

Definitely yes.

What’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to food...something you know you shouldn’t eat, but do anyway?

Croissants. There are always some left over from breakfast service and I know they are full of butter but when you cover them in marmalade they are just amazing.

You are on your own at home watching a film. What is your snack of choice? .

Popcorn, sweet & salty all mixed up.

You are eating a bacon sandwich... ketchup, brown sauce or nothing at all?

Ketchup and lots of it.