This week it’s the turn of Lesley Powell, chef at Godots, Marlborough. Call 01672 514776

When did you first take an interest in cooking, and when did you decide you wanted to become a chef?

My grandfather was a chef at a hotel in Jersey.

Where did you do your training?

I am self taught, but worked with many good chefs. I still find you learn something new all the time.

How would you describe the style of food served in your restaurant?

Fresh, good quality, Brasserie-style food.

Do you have a signature dish? If so, what?

Rack of lamb with a herb crust (cooked pink), dauphinoise potato and green beans.

What would you order from your own menu?

King scallops seared with bacon on a crispy green salad.

Your favourite vegetable?

Green beans.

And favourite dessert?

Crepes Suzette.

Do you cook a lot at home? What sort of food?

Slow-cooked dishes, which cook while I am working, or simple salads.

Where else locally do you like to eat?

We tend to eat out of town when we get the time! I like Langan’s Brasserie, in Stratton Street, London, where they make the best cheese souffle ever.

Why should people come Godot’s Restaurant?

We like to think we create a good warm ambience where all age ranges feel welcome for a drink and olives, or a lunch or dinner.