TTWO singles inspired by life-changing experiences will be performed this weekend.

In Swindon, for Americana enthusiasts there will be a concert from The Black Feathers showcasing their new song, and for Uffington folk fans there is a gig from The East Pointers, where they will perform their debut single.

Holy Water, currently on release from the Americana duo, was written following a gig in the chapel of a rehab centre in Nashville, which coincided with the sixth anniversary of Ray Hughes giving up alcohol.

The centre was for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts and the concert felt all the more poignant because of the musician’s own experience and this inspired the new song.

Ray said: “Many turn to God or religion at such times, but not everyone has that choice. Holy Water tries to highlight the fact that you don’t need to be religious to be saved.”

Joining Ray in the duo is Sian Chandler and they will be appearing at Christ Church, Old Town, Swindon tomorrow as part of their UK tour. For more details visit

Coming west from Canada are The East Pointers, Tim Chaisson on fiddle and singer, Koady Chaisson on banjo, and Jake Charron.

Their first single, 82 Fires, was recorded in Nashville’s Sound Emporium and was inspired by the Australian bush fires the band encountered while on tour in 2016.

“Mother Nature would always have the final say. Being in the middle of that brings an immediacy about it. You can feel powerless,” said Tim.

Tonight the musicians play at The Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall in Uffington. For more details call 01367 820282.