IT’S time to sink a pint of Scrumpy in the illustrious company of The Wurzels in Swindon this weekend.

The Scrumpy and Western band from Somerset, who had chart hits with Combine Harvester and I Am A Cider Drinker, began in 1966 with lead singer Adge Cutler. They were named after manglewurzels, a crop grown to feed livestock.

Right from the off the musicians gave their songs a comedy edge with Drink Up Thy Zider reaching number 45 in the UK charts, but the B side, Twice Daily, was banned by the BBC for being too steamy.

Adge died in a car accident in 1974 and the remaining Wurzels changed their direction, taking already written pop songs and rewriting the lyrics to themes on farming, cider, cheese and village life.

The wurzelled songs brought them a chart topper with Combine Harvester, based on the song: Brand New Key by Melanie It stayed at number one for two weeks in 1976.

Wurzelmania spread across the country and more recently the band have joined the YouTube generation with a single and promotional film based on the Kaiser Chiefs’ song Ruby. The same year The Wurzels played the famous Glastonbury Festival and released their album called A Load More Bullocks.

They are based in Laverton and in 2014 released a song called The Mendip Windfarm Song inspired by the protests over wind turbines in the area.

On Saturday, October 21 they trundle their trademark accordion and assorted instruments into The Vic, in Old Town from 8pm. Tickets are £22.50 from 01793 535713. — Flicky Harrison