Joe Theobald, aka DJ Captain Wormhole, Looks at all things vinyl 

NOW that I’m a massive fan of The Fall and deeply invested in their discography I’ve done some reading up on the band.

Mark E. Smith is what they’re famous for – the stubborn frontman is the only consistent feature in a perpetually evolving line-up. For 41 years he’s been snarling out vague, ambivalent lyrics ahead of an ephemeral troupe battling through varying degrees of private antagony – but according to MES, “if it’s me and your granny on bongos, it’s still The Fall.”

The early years were especially tumultuous – in March of ’78 Una Baines (Smith’s girlfriend and the bands backing vocalist/manager) left after a drug overdose and subsequent nervous breakdown.

Yvonne Pawlett came on board to replace Baines while Eric ‘The Ferret’ McGann, who’d been drafted in to replace original bassist Tony Friel, quit in May, in disgust at the Fall’s van driver Steve Davies for wearing a Hawaiian shirt as they drove to their first ever recording session with John Peel (there would be 23 more after that).

Yvonne Pawlett eventually left in July 1979, to look after her dog.

We shall continue delving in to the history of The Fall in future editions but now for something from the present.

This bank holiday Sunday see’s the return of #SaveSwindon at The Victoria.

Chaney, aka local musical wunderkind Theo Altieri, hosted the first #SaveSwindon campaign party in May and it was such a great success they’ve gone and booked another one.

Theo’s night takes inspiration from the successful fight back against Fabric’s closure at the back end of last year.

“More and more of our clubs/venues are closing up and down the UK, they’re being bought out by corporate companies & men in suits - and turning some of our favourite raving spots into flats/offices.”

If you’d like to come and show your support and dance away the bank holiday Sunday to some quality Disco and House it’s kicking off at The Castle (North Street) for pre-drinks/day-beats 1-6.30pm and the main event at The Vic is 9pm-2am. All free entry.