CANADIAN band Port Cities are on the lookout for a scenic bacdrop for a music video.

They will be filming in Swindon on Monday, October 2, and will be featured on Swindon 101.5 where they will be asking people to suggest the best view or location of the town.

The trio from Nova Scotia are currently on a UK tour and are promoting their new single Where Have You Been/In The Dark.

Comprised of musicians Carleton Stone, Dylan Guthro and Breagh MacKinnon, Port Cities was originally drawn together through songwriting as independent artists, with every intention of crafting new material, and then going their separate ways.

“One thing we all seem to connect with lyrically is showing a less-than-perfect idea of love, and not being scared to talk about how everything is not great, or call out a lot of what normal, traditional love songs would be about,” said Carleton.

"We just thought, there’s such a great chemistry between us, why not try to join forces and do something that’s bigger that any of us could do on our own?”

The band teamed up in 2015 and released a debut album at the beginning of this year.