Joe Theobald aka Captain Wormhole looks at all things vinyl

HERE again with another three-month filler. Recording the last three months of near to zero purchases – not a great deal to evaluate but the obvious choice for 2017’s third quarter is American Dream. I already spent my 300 + words on it a few weeks ago so it’s taking a back seat this September.

Future Islands did a hell of a number with April’s The Far Field. Debbie Harry coming in on Cave was some excellent added value.

That’s not the winner either though...

LA producer Daedelus paints a thousand words with a jazz sample on his recent instalment in the Baker’s Dozen series of guest producer releases from Fat Beats Records. It’s puritanically packaged in thin, unfussy card accompanied by a 5x9 postcard of the producer’s workspace; the disc sits in the sleeve like that lonely last rizla. So you know its good.

On the B-side expect a lot of horns, it’s jazzy as hell and breaks for days. Not in a cheesy way though. The record has a spartan quality which is in keeping with the Baker’s Dozen mission – it’s not under-produced by any means – just suitably stripped back.

The opener will sucker anyone with a working cochlea in. It’s sultry and vibrant, like a title sequence for a surf film – very LA. I’m thinking this record might well be taking me back down a few well traversed instrumental hi-hop alleyways. Still bigging up The Fall of course but Daedelus has far more play out potential and Beers & Records on a Friday Night might be due a dust-off in the mid-term future.

Know What You’d Like, number 4 on the A-side is my pick for strongest track just now, the broken funky drummer-esque beats and crumpled up Brazilian vocals suit my tastes just right.

I picked up my copy for about £15 at Spillers in Cardiff but you can almost certainly cop it online or try before you buy on Youtube/Spotify/Apple Music.