Summer Holiday brings a splash of colour and excitement to the Wyvern, as a cast of more than 100 young people take to the stage for the popular ‘60s spectacular.

And spectacular it is, with a huge red double decker on stage, perfectly choreographed dance numbers, song after popular song and a charismatic cast. It is hard to believe the Summer Youth Project 2017 brought this polished, energetic performance together in a week and a half.

Based on the 1963 hit film starring Cliff Richard, the musical tells the story of Don and his three friends who escape the gloom of London for a holiday touring across Europe in a converted double decker bus. They meet three girls en route to a song contest and then encounter a mysterious young woman on the run from her controlling mother.

Mistaken identities, love lost and found, mishaps and mayhem ensue – but somehow everything works out right at the end in this cheerful story of youthful adventure.

The lead actors are all tremendous. Ethan Hughes as Don has a fantastic voice, and Bradley Cull, playing Edwin, gives several stand-out dance performances. They are ably supported by Archie Fisher as Cyril and Marcellus Hill as Steve.

On the girls’ team, Noella Usborne plays the lead, Barbara, with confidence and style, even managing a convincing American accent. The Doh-Re-M- trio are Alice Williams (Alma), Rae Alexander (Angie) and Chelsea Millard (Mimsie), who perform some excellent dance numbers with real flair and polish.

Omolola Funsho plays Stella, Barbara’s over-ambitious mother. She has tremendous presence and confidence on stage, stealing every scene she is in. Stella and sidekick Jerry (Jack McLoughlin) provide a real comic turn and make a convincing double act.

The play’s success is also down to the huge supporting cast of talented dancers and singers. From the opening to the final scene, everyone gives their all to the show – with focus, accuracy and attention to detail.

The use of space is particularly impressive – and vital with so many performers – with the stage and the auditorium used to great effect. Wherever you look something interesting is going on and even when the theatre seems to be bursting at the seams in the big dance numbers, it is always under control – a real triumph of direction.

The costumes bring a summery palette of colour – candy pink, lemon yellow, sky blue – and a sense of ‘60s style. The backstage crew also deserve a mention for deftly hauling the huge red bus around the stage. The presence of a live band gives the show an extra vitality too.

It is a great show and well worth watching, a real credit to the Summer Youth Project team.

You don’t want to miss this bus, so catch it today at 4pm and 8pm, and tomorrow at 2.30pm and 7.30pm.

Tickets are available from - Sarah Singleton