FOR best-selling singer/songwriter Newton Faulkner, the last few years have been about change.

Once dubbed the “British Jack Johnson”, Faulkner has developed a sound that is truly his own.

Rather than solely relying on his guitar, which still sends waves of joy like the sea lapping a sandy beach on a hot day, there is more percussion evident - and the harmonies in Smoked Ice Cream make it sound like a gentle hug on a hot day. Title track Hit the Ground Running has a Paul Simon vibe running through it.

In Hit the Ground Running, Faulkner has crafted a beautifully chilled album that showcases his voice and emotions.

The Good Fight is reflective and almost melancholy, This Kind of Love embraces African rhythms, the simple nature of the melody lets his voice shine.

Never Alone has some similarity about it, very much the comfy song of the album juxtaposed with So Long - a delicate, modern piece of folk music.

This is the perfect album to round off the summer and welcome in autumn. 9/10