IF you watched the recent XTC documentary, This Is Pop, then not only will you have gained a brilliant insight into the inner workings of the band and the factors which drove its evolution but you would have also seen Fassine.

Amongst the celebrity talking heads - Clem Burke, Stewart Copeland, Harry Shearer and the seemingly contractual obligation for such films, Rick Wakeman, the three people who you may not have been able to put a name to are in fact a fantastic futuristic dance act from London. They explore everything from dream-pop landscapes, ambient minimalism and cutting edge dance spaces, sonorous chilled alt-pop, ultra cool indie vibes and even neo-classical grandeur in their brilliant music and they are in town shortly as guests of Hail at Level III.

Not only fans of Swindon’s very own oddball pop act turned national treasures, they have even gone as far as covering That Wave in their own inimitable fashion, a move which the song’s author itself remarked as being “a brave choice”.

So if you want to see what all the fuss is about, and believe me you do, Fassine, as well as the town’s own chilled dance duo Hail and the otherworldly atmospherics of Luke De-Sciscio can be found at Level III on October 26, tickets are now available on line via the event page priced only £5 and will be £7 on the night. - Dave Franklin