LITTLE Holly Carter-Lewis had her fellow pupils and teachers at Oaktree Nursery and Primary School captivated following her special find on Bonfire Night.

Eight-year-old Holly was preparing bits of wood for a bonfire with her parents when she found several pages from a Swindon Evening Advertiser, dating back to November 13, 1969 – 43 years ago today.

With a keen interest in history, the youngster dried out the paper and was amazed to read about television listings and house prices from the time.

She said: “It was in my back garden so I dried it and read it. When the newspaper was published my nan, Viv, was only 18 and the houses cost a lot of money. They cost £3,775.

“We think the paper was hidden behind an old door that we chopped up for the bonfire.”

Holly’s class teacher Val Weston at the Park South school said: “Holly was absolutely fascinated by it, she brought it into school and told us all about it. All her classmates thought it was really interesting because it is so different. Not many of the children have seen anything like it before.

“I thought it was funny when Holly said her nan was just 18 when the paper was published.

“It’s a great piece of Swindon history – I think we will keep it in class and frame it.”