POLICE are urging motorists to drive with extreme care at the turnpike junction between the A419 and Thamesdown Drive due to faulty traffic lights.

Several motorists have contacted the Adver to say they were extremely concerned after three crashes occurred at the spot in just three days.

Cathy Pike, 55, a finance administrator of Haydon End, said: “The lights have been out of action for a week and it is ridiculous, there have been three crashes.

“I phoned the Highways Agency and they said there was a dispute over who was responsible for the lights. They then said it was the responsibility of the council and there was a serious technical fault.

“It’s extremely fortunate that in the week they have been off no one has suffered a serious injury. It is actually safer in the mornings because there is more traffic and everyone has to slow down.”

Rachel Williams, another Adver reader, said by email: “Obviously there is some problem with them that can't be fixed but surely with a three-way junction a temporary set should be put up? “Does someone really need to die before this happens?”

The traffic lights have not been functioning at all, leaving drivers to negotiate the junction with other motorists approaching from different directions.

The accidents include a crash yesterday evening, which led to a driver being taken to Great Western Hospital as a precautionary measure.

The police have been liaising with Swindon Council and the Highways Agency, who say there is a significant and complex problem with the lights.

While work continues to rectify the fault police are urging drivers to slow down, be mindful of the other vehicles and to avoid the route if possible.