A CRIME scene set up in the school hall helped pupils from Nythe Primary School learn about road safety.

Pupils were visited by solicitors, Thrings, who are part of the Brain Injury Group, as part of Road Safety Week.

The children learnt about using their bikes safely and about road safety as part of the session.

Year 3 and 4 teacher, Rachel Hannan, said: “A crime scene was set up in the hall with masking tape and an overturned bike. They had left clues, including a hoodie and an MP3 player.

“The children had to pretend they were police investigating a crime scene and work out why the accident had happened.

“They found the victim had been listening to music and they had crossed the road between two parked cars.”

The session also included a game of snakes and ladders, which tested what the children had learnt.

Road Safety Week is co-ordinated by charity, Brake, which is calling on drivers to GO 20 around homes, schools and shops, and a 20mph speed limit in built-up areas. The children also took part in a poster competition to encourage people to take notice of the 20mph limit,